General Guidelines

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The Competition is composed of professional groups and national groups, and is open to all Asian competitors. Those who hold Chinese identity or Asian passports and are aged from 5 to 24 can apply for participation.

All tracks must meet the requirements of the Charter of the Competition, and cannot be changed after the date of competition is notified.

All competition items are open to the public, and the performance order of all competitors will be arranged by the Organizing Committee.

The order of tracks at the competition stage can be determined by competitors themselves. All competitors must perform by memory. If any track does not conform to the Chapter of the Competition, any judge on the spot has the right to interrupt the competitor's performance and cancel his/her result in this track.

A winner can win only one place in a final, and no award can be equal or vacant.

All competitors of national groups can choose their own places of application for and participate in mass selection, but are not allowed to repeat their applications in multiple competition areas. If they repeat their applications in multiple competition areas, the results of first competitions that they participate shall prevail.

All competitors of international group need to participate in preliminary, intermediary and final rounds in Beijing, China according to the schedule of the Competition.

All transportation, accommodation and meal expenses incurred by competitors to participate in the Competition shall be borne by competitors themselves.

The Jury Committee of the Competition has the right of final decision on the selection results of the Competition.

The winners of the finals of international groups and the intercontinental finals of national groups are obliged to participate in the award ceremony concert held by the Organizing Committee free of charge.

The Organizing Committee reserves the right of photo taking, sound and video recording and media reports of relevant contests, concerts and other activities to the Competition, while it can use competitors' portraits free of charge to introduce printing materials, activity videos and other publicity forms of the competition. Once competitors submit their application forms, they agree to participate in the Competition.

The Organizing Committee holds the final explanation right of the Charter of the Competition.

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