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Judging rules and standards

The scoring standard adopted by all groups in the Competition is: hundred-mark system (two decimals are kept). Scoring is mainly based on performance process, artistic expression, work interpretation and stage presentation. The final score of a competitor is the average of all scores given by the judges.

The judges shall give scores and sign their names for confirmation independently, and are allowed to communicate with each other. The awards made by the Selection Committee are final, and no one has the right to change them.

According to the scores given by the judges, one first prize, one second prize and one third prize will be selected for each group's final.

The first prize of each international group is jointly selected by the Selection Committee of the Competition, with one place for Liszt Award and Best Liszt Performance Award respectively.

In addition to the first, second and third prizes of each national group, a number of winning prizes and special prizes are set up to reward outstanding players of the intercontinental final.

In the final, the outstanding instructor of winners of each group (currently one place) will be awarded with the Certificate of Outstanding Instructor Award.

Professional Groups


Other award

Certificate of Distinguished Instructor Award of AFLPC

Certificate of Outstanding Instructor Award of AFLPC

Medal or Certificate of Outstanding Piano Education Institution of AFLPC

The Selection Committee has the right to add other awards.

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