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Professional Groups

The competition will be held from august 9 to august 21

( time of first to final round)

Time for application:   finish is   June 30

Venue : Qingdao,China

(The competition is expected to be postponed to 9 August-21 August 2022 due to COVID-19.

The detailed information shall be subject to the announcement issued on the official website of the Competition or the official WeChat account of the Organzing Committee)


Log in the official website ( or the WeChat Official Account (AFLPC-ORG) of the Competition, understand the information of each group and competition area, fill out the application form online (submit personal data as required) and finish payment.

In case of offline application, the competitor shall submit all application materials required, including Application Form, a photo taken, a copy of ID card, industry authority card or passport, personal art resume and personal video works, to the Organizing Committee of each competition area and pay the application fee.

After completing the application, the competitor can query the application and download the Entry Card by logging in the official website ( or the WeChat Official Account (AFLPC-ORG) of the Competition.

Fee Standards

Fee standard for international groups

Application fee for preliminary round: $300/person; Application fee for intermediary round: $300/ person;and for final round: $300/ person.

Competitors may select the nearest competition areas to apply for the Competition. If they repeat their applications in multiple competition areas and obtain multiple competition results, the results of first competitions that they participate at the same stage shall prevail, while other repeated competition results shall be invalid.

Competitors and their guardians shall bear all transportation and accommodation expenses incurred by themselves.

Each competitor shall arrange his or her time in advance. Once the application fee is paid, it will not be refunded or transferred to others or used for other competitions.

The completion of the competitor's application means that the competitor accepts the Charter of AFLPC and enters into an agreement with the Organizing Committee of the Competition.

Notes to Competitors

If the personal data provided by the competitor is incomplete or the information provided is not true, the Organizing Committee of the Competition shall be entitled to cancel the competitor's qualification for participating in the Competition.

All information relating to the Competition including time, places and sessions will be published on the official website or the WeChat Official Account of the Competition. If you receive any other form of notice, please refer to the WeChat Official Account of the Organizing Committee ( Please pay attention to the official website or the WeChat Official Account of the Competition to avoid the situation.

Competitors should arrive at the venue 60 minutes in advance for registration. If they are late due to any personal reasons and haven't arrived after three calls, they will be deemed as a waiver and disqualified for participating in the Competition, and the application fee will not be refunded.

All competitors need to prepare their own performance clothes. They should choose dress, performance clothes or formal clothes for the Competition. If any competitors are not dressed properly, the Organizing Committee of the Competition reserves the right to cancel their qualification for participating in the Competition.

When the competitor's performance exceeds the specified time, the judges have the right to call off it, without prejudice to the results of the Competition.

The order of tracks in the Competition shall be determined according to the procedures stipulated by the Organizing Committee. The Organizing Committee may transfer the competition time if necessary, and the competitors shall have no objection.

The awards made by the Selection Committee shall be final and no one is allowed to raise any questions or complaints. No one may have any objection to the final results decided by the Selection Committee.

The discipline of competition area shall be strictly observed. All competitors shall wait at the position designated by the staff, and close all communication equipment after entering the competition area. Without the permission of the Organizing Committee, no competitor can record sounds or videos or turn on the flashlight when taking photos in the competition area. It is forbidden to make any noise or walk around at will; in order to ensure the order of competition area and the selection environment, each competitor is allowed to be accompanied by a parent to enter the competition area.

The Organizing Committee is fully responsible for organizing sound recording, video recording, television relay, network communication, winners' concerts and other related activities during the competition. The copyrights of all audio and video products (including photos) shall belong to the Organizing Committee, without any extra payment to the competitors.

The Organizing Committee will receive personal data for the purpose of the Competition and keep it confidential. It will reserve its right to use the personal data provided by competitors in the promotion activities related to the Competition, but will not disclose any personal information such as competitor's certificate, residence and telephone.

The Organizing Committee reserves the right to change the competition schedule. In case of suspension of classes due to bad weather or other special reasons issued by the education department, all events held on that day will be canceled until further notice.

Each competitor shall be responsible for the settlement of his/her own travel documents, passport visa, insurance and other related matters.

All original Chinese text descriptions of the Organizing Committee shall be legally binding. In case of any dispute, Chinese laws shall prevail.

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